28.03.2013 - VCC announces busy season for 2013
Vienna Cricket Club, Austria's oldest cricket club, has a very busy season in 2013. Touring teams from six countries will play at Seebarn and the club will have a VCC "Cricket Tag Der offenen Türe" (5 May 2013) as well as an introduction and demonstration about cricket at Schloss Rosenburg (1-2 June), where over 4,000 guests are expected to attend.

Prior to the Open League season, the club will be welcoming opponents from all over Europe to its Seebarn home. The club will play against a touring team from Mumbai, India playing either a 40 over or a 50 over game against them, and then on 10th June, Crusaders Cricket Australia, from Melbourne will play at Seebarn for the fourth time and for first time since 2003. They are likely to be the best cricket team to ever play in Austria (five or six players from their last touring team to Vienna went on to represent Australia!!!)

The VCC Tag Der Offenen Tür is a chance to introduce our non cricketing friends to cricket and for people in the Seebarn area to come along and play the game and learn about the game with a barbecue and entertainment making it a great day to show off our sport and cricket ground. The Schloss Rosenburg event is a Roses & Garden weekend where VCC will be presenting cricket to the guests in the grounds of Schloss Rosenburg. This event, held annually attracts over 4,000 participants, along with lots of media exposure and it is a great honour and opportunity for the club to be asked to present our sport at such a big event.

VCC Friendly Matches & Club Events 2013

13.04.2013 - 40 over match vs Prague CC
14.04.2013 - T20 match vs Prague CC
20-21.04.2013 - T20 matches vs Dresden CC and Lion CC
27.04.2013 - 20 overs 2 innings game vs Phoenix CC (Budapest)
28.04.2013 - T20 match vs Phoenix CC (Budapest)
05.05.2013 - VCC Open Cricket Day / Tag der offenen Türe
20.05.2013 - 40 or 50 over match VCC vs Mumbai CC
01-02.06.2013 - VCC cricket demonstration and introduction at Schloss Rosenburg
10.06.2013 - 40 overs match VCC vs CrusadersCC (Melbourne, AUS)
13-14.07.2013 VCC Six a Side Competition