2013-02-22 Wintercup 2013 » View Album
2013 Wintercup
2010-06-20 Transportable Net » View Album
2010-02-27 VIENNA CC WINTERCUP 2010 » View Album
2008-06-01 VCC v FCCC » View Album
2008-05-27 VCC England Tour 2008 » View Album
Photos of VCCs recent England tour to London and Buckinghamshire by Helmuth.
2008-04-04 Various VCC Impressions » View Album
This is a collection of various photos from VCC games, tours and non cricketing events.
2006-10-22 VCC goes Paintballing » View Album
A different kind of end-of-season event, when we went paintballing at the end of the 2006 outdoor season. What a perfect way to let off all post-summer aggression...

Various VCC Impressions